Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bonnelly Productions shoots events in HD 25p in Miami, Florida

Bonnelly Productions shoots weddings and other events in 25p in Miami, Florida. Back in 2006, Carolina Bonnelly was looking to replace her old SD cameras with HD models, and happened to read one of my 25p articles. To make a long story short, Carolina eventually purchased several Sony HVR-V1 25p/50Hz models and has been doing her own productions in 25p ever since. In post, Carolina captures the HDV 25p footage via HDMI using a Blackmagic Design Intensity card to Final Cut Pro, to a 1080p25 ProRes422 timeline. When the client requires an NTSC DVD, she conforms 25p to 23.976p and delivers it as an NTSC “24p” (23.976p) DVD. For HD delivery, Bonnelly offers three options: AppleTV and WDTV at 25p (since both of these devices automatically liberate her clients’ potentially segregated monitors), and Blu-ray at 23.976p after conforming. Now in 2009, Carolina wanted to graduate to Sony’s 3G HDV, so she just purchased her first Sony 3G HDV camera, the HVR-Z5, from Virgilio Castillo at Midtown Video, a leading dealer and rental house in Miami, Florida. Immediately after receiving her HVR-Z5, Carolina Fedexed it to Sony in New Jersey to be upgraded to full universal capability. Carolina comments: “I am so glad that Sony USA has finally recognized the need for 25p in the United States. Now I can buy my cameras from a local dealer, get local service, shoot 25p for my own productions, and retain the flexibility to shoot any other format when I am subcontracted by another producer or TV station.”

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